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Rebecca Janzen Area Studies, Disability Studies, Gender Studies, Literary Criticism, Religious Studies 20th century, 21st century Latin America and/or Caribbean Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Critical Race Studies, Gender/Femininity/Masculinity/Sexuality, Other Mormon Traditions (AUB/Bickertonite/FLDS/Strangite/etc.), Women's History
LAURIE MAFFLY-KIPP Yes History, Religious Studies 19th century, 20th century Australia and/or New Zealand, Pacific Islands, United States and/or Canada Colonialism/imperialism, Critical Race Studies, Globalization, Missions/Missiology, Politics/Political Issues/Political Engagement, Race/Ethnicity, Scripture, Women's History
Sujey Vega Yes Anthropology, Ethnography, Ethnohistory, Gender Studies, History, Public History, Religious Studies, Rhetoric/Communication 20th century, 21st century United States and/or Canada, Latin America and/or Caribbean Church Membership, Critical Race Studies, Gender/Femininity/Masculinity/Sexuality, Missions/Missiology, Motherhood, Politics/Political Issues/Political Engagement, Race/Ethnicity, Sacred Space, Social Justice Latina; Undocumented; DACA; Immigration; Spanish-speaking Wards