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South Carolina

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University of South Carolina
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I am a scholar of gender, disability and religious studies in Mexican literature and culture, and I’ve written about a number of marginalized groups. My most scholarly recent work is about Mormons and Mennonites in Mexico in the form of a book called¬†Liminal Sovereignty: Mennonites and Mormons in Mexican Culture.¬†It looks at how US-descendant members of the LDS church and other Mormon groups are represented in photographs in immigration documents, archival documents that relate to land conflict, and novelized histories.

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Area Studies, Disability Studies, Gender Studies, Literary Criticism, Religious Studies
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20th century, 21st century
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Latin America and/or Caribbean
Research Topics
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Critical Race Studies, Gender/Femininity/Masculinity/Sexuality, Other Mormon Traditions (AUB/Bickertonite/FLDS/Strangite/etc.), Women's History
Key Words

Liminal Sovereignty: Mennonites and Mormons in Mexican Popular Culture. Albany, NY: SUNY Press, 2018.