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I am Assistant Professor of English at BYU specializing in seventeenth-century English literature with a research focus in music. I have degrees in music, humanities, and English from BYU, University of Chicago, and Fordham University, respectively. In Mormon studies I have published in Mormon Studies Review, Proceedings of the Mormon Theology Seminar, Papers of the Maxwell Institute Summer Seminar, and work from the Wheatley Institute and have presented at conferences such as Peacebuilding: Toward a Mormon Ethics of Peace, the inaugural Book of Mormon Studies Conference, Of One Body: The State of Mormon Singledom, and co-organized a seminar on sound studies in Mormonism with Peter McMurray for the Mormon Scholars in the Humanities.

My Mormon studies research has been supported by the Maxwell Institute, Mormon Theology Seminar, Wheatley Institute, and Mormon Scholars in the Humanities. My literary studies research has been supported by the Folger Shakespeare Library, Yale Beinecke Library, UCLA Clark Library, and Digital Humanities Summer Institute.

My husband, Edje Jeter, and I are the managing editors of the Encyclopedia of Mormon Arts sponsored by the Mormon Arts Center in New York City.

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History, Literary Criticism, Performance Studies, Rhetoric/Communication, Theology
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Church Membership, Cultural History, Drama, Family structure, Literature, Material Culture, Music, Performance, Scripture, Theology
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singles singles wards sound studies music secularism Abrahamic covenant Book of Mormon

“Covenant Obligation to Scripture as Covenant Obligation to Family” in Christ or Anti-Christ: Reading Jacob 7, ed. Adam S. Miller and Joseph M. Spencer. Provo, UT: Maxwell Institute Press, 2017, 111-24.

with Peter McMurray, “Sounding Mormonism” Mormon Studies Review, vol. 5 (2018): 33-45.

with Joseph M. Spencer, “Abraham, Peacebuilder,” forthcoming.