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New Zealand

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A woman of color
Senior Lecturer
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University of Auckland
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I lead the Steering Committee of the Global Mormon Studies Research Network, a network of scholars committed to developing the study of Mormonism as a global religious tradition. I am particularly interested in the study of Mormonism in greater China (the PRC, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Chinese diaspora).

Mormon Studies Expertise

Methods/ Approaches
Area Studies, History, Religious Studies
Chronological Focus
19th century, 20th century, 21st century
Geographic Focus
Asia, Pacific Islands
Research Topics
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Colonialism/imperialism, Globalization, Healing, Interfaith/Interreligious Relations/Dialogue, Popular Culture, Women's History
Key Words
child and youth culture

China and the True Jesus: Miraculous Community in Modern China (New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2019). [the True Jesus Church is “the Mormonism of China” — a very interesting comparative case]

“Tale of Three Primaries: Critical Mass in Mormonism’s Informal Institutions,” in Joanna Brooks and Gina Colvin, eds., Approaching a Postcolonial Mormonism(University of Utah Press, May 2018), 229-262.

“Above, Beyond, and In-Between: A Teacher’s Role,” in Spencer Fluhman, Kathleen Flake, Jed Woodworth, eds., To Be Learned Is Good: Faith and Scholarship among the Latter-day Saints (Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship, January 2018), 69-80.

“Culture and Agency in Mormon Women’s Lives,” in Matthew Bowman and Kate Holbrook, eds.,Mormon Women in Historic and Contemporary Perspectives(University of Utah Press, 2016), 230-246.

“The Oak and the Banyan: the ‘Glocalization’ of Mormon Studies,” Mormon Studies Review, vol. 1(2014): 70-79.